Dance Floor and Kitchen Rentals

Have a Great Time on Our Exciting
Dance Floors

Dance to Your Heart's Content on Our Dance Floors

No matter what the location, you can work with Matt Cantele Tent Rentals to get a great dance floor at your big event. Slow dance to break dance, you can do it all at your party on our dance floor.
Give us a call at 845-635-3989 to learn more about our dance floor rental. We'll help you no matter the occasion. Whether you're planning for a wedding reception, a birthday party, or an anniversary party, work with us and have a great time with all your friends and family. Feel free to call us for our 24-hour dance floor and kitchen rental services.

Rent Everything You Need for Your Event

At Matt Cantele Tent Rentals, we have everything you need! From the kitchen to the table, we can provide rental equipment for all of the things that you might need for your event. We can provide:
  • Flatware
  • Glassware
  • Champagne flute
  • White cooler
  • Cres cor
  • Speed rack
  • 5' Charcoal grill
  • Waiter tray
  • Tray stand
  • 6 burner stove 
  • 6 burner oven
  • Coffer maker
  • Popcorn machine
  • LB White Premier 170 heaters
  • 100 LB Propane Tanks
FREE estimates available on our dance floor and kitchen rental services! Call us at 845-635-3989
Last year my mom needed a small tent for my bridal shower. Rob did a great job was there on time early to set everything up. It was great to have a nice shaded spot to sit at. 

We had a great round table everyone enjoyed sitting at and relaxing. I highly recommend Matt Cantele rentals, they do an excellent job in satisfying their customers.

Jenna Williams
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